Who we are


Game of Fortune-Win in Wealth or Lose in Debt is a game that is great for the whole family. Whether you choose the card game or online version, you will learn while playing. The only way to get better at money is to practice money in real time. Game of Fortune allows you to learn while not having to use your own money, but while experiencing real life scenarios.

Stocks, rental properties, 401k, and so much more is included. Be sure to try the game out. You won’t be sorry!

What Others Think About Us

The game is amazing and powerful. The game has shown me the importance of building a strong and concise budget. This budget has given me the ability to use money as a tool in the functionality of life.– Dana B.
Game of Fortune gives a depiction of real life, with real life situations, which forces players to actually THINK. I love it and I can sit for hours playing this game.– Kesha T.
I love playing Game of Fortune. Especially when I take other folks money! And I learn something new every time.– Jackie K

Why Game of Fortune?


Fun for the Whole Family

Game of Fortune is an interactive game where you can learn with the family. Whether you are a young child or an adult, you learn while having fun at the same time.

Constant Learning

Game of Fortune has you constantly learning and realizing that your decisions affect your wealth and debt in life.

Virtual or In Person

Game of Fortune gives you the option to play online or in person. Whether you want to play by yourself or with other people, you have options.

We offer a great way for families to play and learn at the same time.